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Flight 108 - Vertigo - Cat. #0706

It took a very long time to get this album out. Flight 108 recorded this fourth album in 1989 at Jay Howard studio's in Charlotte, NC. This album sat on a shelf and aged with time to become what is now a monumental achievement. It's amazing that music can do that. I guess they were ahead of their time.

This was the first Flight 108 album that was recorded multi track and using computer technology. Midi was becoming usable and the electronic drum sound was very popular. You will hear that this album combines acoustical and electronic elements.
This album features Bill Evans on tenor and soprano saxophone. Bill's credits are endless including stints with Miles Davis and the Rolling Stones. Dave Valentin was also recruited for this album. Dave's career spans the globe when it comes to his endeavors in jazz. He was one of the top recording artists on GRP records.
Both artists were a perfect fit for the Flight 108 sound and it was evident from that point on that wind instruments were to be a fulltime addition to the band.